Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Service to Man is Service to God

Charles Eliot Norton, an American educator and humanitarian said, ” They serve God well who serve His creatures”.The noblest and the best of God’s creations is ,indeed, man. If we wish to worship God, the best was to do so would be to devote our lives to the service of poor and the destitute. Everyone recognizes the value of this kind of noble work and acknowledges its greatness. Politicians, statesmen and military generals are often forgotten with the passing of time. But noble souls like Gandhiji and Mother Teresa earn universal reverence and always live in the hearts of people.

Even many rich people are often unwilling to help a beggar, an orphan, a widow or a poor deserving student. Little do they realize that God dwells in the hearts of their fellowmen. Only by serving their fellowmen will they be rendering true service to God.

It is an unspoken truth that if life has been favorable to you, you have to give back to society what you have got from it. And the best way is to be of service to your fellowmen


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